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Can you imagine a world where the rest of your life you only consume vegetable food? No eggs, milk products, meat, poultry or fish? Maybe you can imagine an environment without trees, grass, streaming water or pond(s), no flies or other insects? No bees, worms, flowers? Not having the ability walking in nature casually dressed? Not being able to swim ever anymore! Not to see any form of living species except your own kind of homo sapiens?
How would you feel living under these conditions for the next 50 years? Miserable I presume and probably wishing for a gun with one bullet. More you certainly don't need. However, certainly the first ten years this is the sacrifice Mars-one asks from its astronauts. To be deprived of this in any form:

Those who are willing to sacrifice their life styles as such don't realize the enormous consequences. I immigrated twice in my life and know very well what it is to feel secluded because of an unknown environment. On Earth there is a way to overcome, most of time in changing your attitude, however how when you are on another planet where one is utterly restricted in movements and ideas?

On Mars the first years of research will be exciting and one is most willing to sacrifice. At some stage you realize research is not everything life has to offer and you start to think of what future may bring and how it was in the past. You start to miss your old environment.

How easy it is bringing livestock to Mars?

Actually it isn't that easy except for fish where I believe can be transported when they are still in their eggs. Fish eggs only hatch when the temperature is right. Theoretically when the temperature stays low, till say 5 degrees Celsius (you need to ask biologists), the eggs won't hatch while remaining fertile. We need to examine the maximum allowed period and conditions these eggs remain fertile till they have to hatch not to die. I hope a period of 7 months, the time it takes us flying to Mars, is within this maximum allowed period. With chicken eggs I presume you cannot do this and rabbits are mammals like human who are born alive. Of course we need to be sure of the chickens that one or two are male and the others female.
Teaching chickens and rabbits how to stay in a weightless environment for months, is impossible. So they need a form of permanent gravitation during the 7 months trip. In the relatively small space ship it is possible to create 1/5 to 1/4 of Earth's gravity (g) for these small animals, however not for human or only then when human stay lying down. Gravity in a space ship can only be created when you turn something around. Gravity through centrifugal force as shown in the draft here below:

In the 1 cubic meter cages A and B small animals feel comfortable when moved on a 'conveyor-belt' in the direction of the arrows 10 rotations per minute.  Or one whole turn every 6 seconds. The gravitation at the bottom of the cages is 0.28 (1/4+) times that on Earth.  Men would feel dizzy because their head is almost in the centre where there is no gravitation while their feet and lower body have.

Right from the start it is most important to create a kind of known environment not to fall in disastrous depression later. For that we built the Jimmy-hut. That's only the start because I strongly believe one needs to be distracted to stay alert and feel comfortable all the time. Livestock plays here a crucial role. Animals don't always behave like you want them to. They may comfort you but also give headaches. Very good! Not everything goes smooth. Like life on Earth. Of course extraction in nuisance is needed to keep on acting as a human being. A too calculated life is a dull life and cannot continue to be interesting.

I am thinking of chickens, edible fish like tench or other carp species, bees and soft hairy rabbits. The chickens for their eggs and meat of course. Also fish as food (omega) is obvious. The bees need to pollinate the flowers (of the trees) and herbs in the Jimmy-hut and for their honey. Rabbits give warm and comfortable companionship and their meat is tasty. Small livestock which is easy to transport from Earth to Mars, where cattle like cows, sheep or goats are impossible because there won't be an environment big enough for them on Mars yet. Milk, for the time being, can be extracted from soya beans. Cheese and butter out of natural milk won't be available either. Still compromises need to be made but the initial sacrifice has turned into livable conditions.

Very important to see how especially rabbits reproduce. You shouldn't stop them from doing so. When they succeed several times without mayor complications human make their own conclusions. A human baby shall certainly change mankind on Mars forever. Then a 'switch' in the minds of his or her parents changes the future of Mars colonialism. Once being a parent life takes a ‘180 degrees’ turn. Suddenly your own life is not the most important anymore. Only then men realizes their life is suddenly less important than the small one in the cradle. For every woman, it was always obvious. Men, like me, realize it when the baby is born.
By then, life on Mars is secure and also research will blossom.

Additional remark:
-All these animals survive at the same vegetarian food the new settlers cultivate for themselves.

Opposite page: How easy it is bringing livestock to Mars!     

There is a formula for such gravitational forces in space:

Some calculations gave me the following Earth gravities:
rpm 6 = 0.1 g (Is 10% of Earth gravity)
rpm 10 = 0.279 g
rpm 11 = 0.338 g (Which is about the gravitation on Mars)
rpm 15 = 0.628 g
rpm 19 = 1.01 g

Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp, was kind enough to tell me that the space ship has the inner dimensions of a diameter 5  by 11 meters long. (=215 mtr3) What will be inside nobody up to Nasa at the moment exactly knows.  An artificial gravitation unit may be optional.
For small animals possibly 10 to 11 rotations per minute are sufficient maintaining their muscles strong enough for the descent to Mars where the gravity is 1/3 that of Earth.  The launch and then return, from Earth and then into Mars, give g-forces to bodies of every form of living creature. The g-force acceleration acts as a multiplier of weight-like forces for every unit of an object's mass. Three g's tends to be about the maximum not losing consciousness for human. I wonder if there is any knowledge concerning animals.

Left a picture taken in the sky-lab where a Canadian astronaut tested her feelings when it would be most comfortable to be on a 'conveyor-belt' which created gravity by turning.  See for more explanation here.

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