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Please send your questions, remarks and/or support to info@mars-once.com. Within 24 hours we try to answer.

If you have well documented ideas which can support the Mars-one project on the short term and you like to see it published on this site in the chapter 'practical ideas', please send this to: ideas@mars-once.com.
We want to emphasize the support on the short term because we do not intend to discuss long term solutions like terra forming.

You can also follow and participate with the Mars-once team on facebook.

Active members Mars-once team:

Jim Hasenaar founder of Mars-once. (The Netherlands)

Jim is a motorcar technical engineer graduated on the technical school in Apeldoorn the Netherlands in 1984.

In 1992 he emigrated to Israel, where he lives with his wife and their three sons.  

Initially Jim started Mars-once on a wordpress-blog on November 03, 2012.

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