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This site is called 'Mars once' which I related to the existing site 'Mars one'. I do support the ideas of the 'Mars one – project' getting people to Mars. The idea commercializing it to finance this huge project sounds alright to me. However, I am sure there are factors playing a mayor role where I am not sure the organization of 'Mars one' realizes all the consequences. Mars once has a critical but positive view towards the plans of Mars one to colonize the planet Mars. Mars once tries to enlighten, warn and supply solutions and alternatives to Mars one's ideas. So far with their knowledge but without Mars one's cooperation.  

Mars once is my own initiative. Soon I hope sympathizers will join. The reason why I use the word 'once' is because I believe mankind will create a settlement on Mars, however for me it doesn't need to be as soon as 2023 which is the goal of 'Mars one'. People should first thoroughly calculate the possibilities and last but not least the enormous consequences.  

Hopefully with reader's help we may be of some support and advice for the 'Mars one – project'. That will be my goal.  

Jim Hasenaar
Founder of Mars-once.

This painting is used as background of this Mars-once site.
Its title is 'Water on Mars'.
Painted in 2011 by Ton Hasenaar
As an avatar I use this painting when I react on other sites.

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